Karen Muchow
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Fergus Falls, Minnesota 56537
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I am Muchow from Minnesota. I am doing genealogy on the Muchow
name. I have traced us back to the 1700`s in Mecklenburg,Schwerin,Germany. I have ancestors that lived in various towns,like,Goehren,Glaisin, Bresegard,Malk,Grebs,Grittel,Conow,Niendorf,Ludwigslust and Eldena.
Most of my ancestors were christened and married in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Eldena. Also some were christened in
Conow parish. The oldest ancestor on the Muchow is Jochim Christian
Muchwo,the only I know about him is that he died about 1777 in Goehren and had at least three children, two boys,Johann Christian born January 1766 and Johann Christoph born 1773 both in Goehren and a daughter Anna Maria born 1767, she married Johann Jochim Koen,October
31, 1788 in Bockup.

Some of the surnames in the family are Muchow,Krogman(n) or
Kroogmann, Schroeder or Schroder ,these are the main ones. Here some of the others Bade,Becker.Bockmann or Boekmann,Brandmann,Bruning or Bruening,Burmeister.Busacker or Buseacker, Busch,Buss,Crambeer or Krambeer,Daling or Daeling or Dahling, Diehn or Dien,Draehn or Drahn,Fincke or Finck,Frost,Fruendt or Frundt,Gaeth or Gaedt, Gronwoldt,Henning, Huehn, Jacobs, Jahncke or Jankeor Jancke, Jastram, Kahlcke, Kruse, Kupler or Kuepler, Kuntz or Kuutz, Lonniess, Moller or Moeller, Ludemann, Mundt, Oldag, Pamprien,Pancke,Pauch,Raasch or Rosch or Rosche,Sass or Sasch,Schepr or Shaeper, Schmadtke, Schreek, Schuett, Schult, Seelandt or Seeland,Steffen,Stiel,Timmermann, Timm, Wiechmann, Theis,Warnholtz,Schara,Nise, Koenig,Preuss, Arndt,Arendt.

Are you related to any of the Muchow`s born Eldena-Goehren area ?

I have a home page on FAMILY TREE MAKER with three genealogy reports on the descendants of Adolph Schroeder,Jochim Christian Muchow and Hinrich Krogman(n). Please go explore and if you have any connections,please e-mail me.
The address is www.familytreemaker.com/users/m/u/c/Karen-J-Muchow

Thank you

Karen Muchow