Marilyn Stulken

Last week I found the following information at the Adams County,
Nebraska, historical society.

My great-grandmother’s cousin, Gesine Lammers (1860-1942), was married August Muchow (1846-1930). Both are buried Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, near Blue Hill, Nebraska. Also in that cemetery is a Dorothea Muchow (1823-1887), widow of Heinrich Muchow. In the Grand Island [Nebraska] City Cemetery is a Fred William Muchow (no dates available).

Do you have those Muchows in your database?

Best wishes,
Marilyn Stulken

Hi, Sven!
I see why it was difficult for you to read what I sent. I sent it with indentations for the different generations. Apparently it came through to you without the indentations–all lined up on the left margin. Let me try it again
this way:

[name unknown] LAMMERS

son – Oltmann LAMMERS
granddaughter – Gesine LAMMERS m. August Muchow

son – Orr (??) LAMMERS
granddaughter – Helene LAMMERS m. Johann Friedrich Stulken
great-grandson – August Stulken
great-great-grandson – Leon Stulken
great-great-great-granddaughter – Marilyn Stulken

Hope that helps. My message to the Milwaukee Muchows came back
That’s the end of that. 🙁

So you are in Berlin. It’s always fun to know where people live. Is there indeed
a city/village named „Muchow“ in Germany?

Miami! That’s great! Before you come over, you should locate as many Muchows in the US as you can, and plan to visit them all. That would be a great way to see the country. 🙂

Best wishes,

I agree! Knowing where people are living makes e-mail much more interesting.
My husband (Tom Rench) and I live near Lake Michigan (we can hear the lake, but
we can’t see it–too many trees). Racine is straight north of Chicago.

My ancestry is 100% German. One line is from Remels in East Frisia; one line
is from Gristede in Oldenburg; one line is from Wittlage near Osnabruck, and one
line is from Deutsch Krone in West Prussia. The Poles have now re-named Deutsch
Krone as Walscz. I’ve never been to any of these places. One day soon, I hope!

I’m sending you a URL. Can you open it? There are more than 250 Muchows in
the US. (And that doesn’t include all the women who have different names now.)
You can spend the rest of your life visiting Muchows in America.

You do very well with English! I should do so well with German!

Have a good day.