Our parents and grandparents also come from this region, but their ancestors
lived in the east of germany, near poland. That`s why we should try to find
our get together right in this area.

Uwe Muchow * 18.11.1953 – Grömitz, living in Neustadt

Gertrud – sister of Uwe
Günther – brother of Uwe
Ute – sister of Uwe also born *18.11.1953

The names of our ancesters are:

Christa * 12.09.1926 † 19.11.1979 – mother from Uwe
Ernst-Günther Muchow * 15.02.1926 Grömitz – father from Uwe

Ernst Friedrich August Muchow, Kapitän *05.03.1885 Gegensee-Theerofen, Kreis
Ueckermünde (in Pommern bei Stettin) †12.08.1956 Grömitz
– father from Ernst-Günther

Carl Wilhelm Muchow, Mühlenmeister *25.10.1846 in Alt-Rothermühl bei
Ferdinandshof † ?
– father from Ernst Friedrich August

August Muchow, Handelsmann in Rothemühl
– father from Carl Wilhelm Muchow

Please be very precise with our english grammar. Wrong words and definitions
must be corrected. Thank you very much.

We pronounce Muchow: mooyo (moo – like your too) (y – like your y-es) (o like your o) we dont speak the „w“